how to coordinate without matching



I LOVE TO MATCH MY GIRL!! i mean i cannot say it enough. i’m a wanna be @krista.horton on @instagram. but, when it comes to photos, i try not to “overdo it.” tempting as it is to buy a perfect match, this is when it doesn’t hurt to skip that part. for this photo, i chose my daughters outfit first, then my husband, and then i waited a bit too long for mine, and in reality i would have done it differently, but that’ll come later.

i went with a burgundy theme, so somehow that touched each one of us. my husband had a plaid with multiple grays and blacks, my daughter and the tights and the bow, and then i had a jacket. the rest was a mix of white, black, grey, dark grey, you get the scheme.  you can pretty much bring in a pop of color with that mix any ole day.  greens, oranges, yellows, etc.

now, if i could do it all over again, i would have chose MY outfit first. why you ask? well, it’s very important that i feel my best and most comfortable, why again? you’re the one that birthed the child – isn’t that reason enough?  no, but really, my husband refuses to buy a new outfit for one photo – so i usually start with him. then the little one’s clothing is usually the least expensive (USUALLY) so i just bought her a pair of tights (5 pack of winter colors via @amazon – $20 TOTAL! and that wool button up jacket for $30 bucks. and for me… i threw on the grays and blacks because you can always feel good in black, then ran to target for the fur and found 3 items – the fur jacket AND the scarf – with a promising 20% off, and i opted to throw the “mini scarf” on my mini.  oh, AND sparkle boots under $20… i mean how cute are those?  again, @target.  i’m winning!  grand total for our ensemble – $95. hubby was proud.

again, pick the colors and then find different parts to make the whole feel different, BUT THE SAME.  go ahead, try it, and be sure to share!



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