Photos: The Truth


The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. I always love that phrase. I started this blogging thing because I love fashion, I love a good deal, and I love a good flatlay. Positioning clothes in a way that is pretty like an interior designer knowing the perfect place to put the couch or a recruiter that knows exactly how to reach an IT candidate. Secret sauce, a hidden talent if you will. Not that I’m this superb flatlayer or anything, but I like it and I love to try a previous worn outfit in a new way and then pop it on.  Some times I even go through my Insta and think ooooh, I haven’t worn that in awhile and I throw it on.

When I started it was just insta, something fun, I learned (well I knew, but I put it into motion) about halfway through that PHOTOS are the first step. These have to be AWESOME.  And, whilst mine are still a work in progress, they have improved.  Both myself as a photographer and my right hand person (ahem, wait for it) are learning bits and pieces along the way. I’m trying to improve Photoshop skills, lighting skills, and how to work well with a newer colleague // friend, etc. For instance, she is too nice. When I have a bad hair day – you’ve got to be candid, move that out of your face OR better yet – pull it up.  She is traditionally a family photographer so you can search her for your fall/winter/spring, etc. shots, but she agreed to take on my lifestyle shoots and I can’t thank her enough.  SO – @RebeccaJosephPhoto – YOU ROCK. AND, be tough on me – I can take it! I know you’ll be reading this. I’ve read blogs on people whose mothers started helping them with the pics, or their #instahusbands – well mine isn’t going to be following me around taking my picture that is for sure. We’ll talk about him another day too.

I recall our first photo shoot.  IT WAS HYSTERICAL.  I am so awkward, and I wasn’t sure where to put my hands, where to step, do I fake laugh, smile, not smile?  ENDLESS. I see all of those tip-toe photos, so naturally I had to try that. I’m not really a person that loves photos of myself, but I am someone who loves to talk, jot down thoughts, and put together a random outfit, so those parts have to outweigh putting up a pic of myself. I also thought I would be one of those moms that had their body instantly back… BOY was I wrong. We’ll save that for another day though. Morale of the story. I’m still trying to knock this whole “photography” part of blogging out of the park so until then I’m sure glad I have a local pro! For without RJP I’d be in the D-League for sure!

Ok, happy hump day all.

Pop, Fizz, Clink!



Champagne in the Suburbs


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