Sharing Motherhood

Hi Guys!  Long time no talk, sorry.  It’s always busy when you have a 13 month old.  Did I mention that?  Yup, a cute as a button, running, smiling best version of my husband 13 month old baby girl.  Can you still say that after their 1st bday?  She’ll always be my babe, I now understand that book… Anyway, I bring her up because I have been because I have been so torn about whether or not I want her to be part of all of this.  Well that is up until now.  I went back and forth on wanting her to be part of social media or not.  I was really more towards the “let’s keep my husband and daughter out of it” side, but then I felt like there would always be a part of me missing – since they are my everything!  The decision just came to me… I was watching a vlog post from Damsel in Dior whom I have followed for quite some time.  If you don’t follow her – check her out!  She said the most important thing to “blogging” is being authentic.  Totally true, right?  Even when it isn’t glamorous or exciting.  I will never be one of those bloggers carrying a $20,000 Hermes and may not even have a $1,000 runner up, BUT damn, I could be AUTHENTIC.  And, to truly be that I have to share in motherhood.  So, tomorrow, I shoot photos with my favorite sidekick in all the land.  My baby girl.  She’s such a sweetie pie and I can’t wait to make a true introduction.  Also, based on my budget, I have since forgone “Rent the Runway” and swapped for “LeTote.”  Similar version for a tighter pocketbook.  Stay tuned, some of those OOTD’s will be shown soon as well as some of my new fave looks from Lure Boutique.  Email me for more info!  I’m starting partnerships with both of these.  Beyond excited and hope this gets me jump started for what’s to come!  Cheers – Clink, Pop, Fizz 😉


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