Funny that I always sit around thinking about what to write and then BAM like ten topics hit me.  So, lets go through my thoughts today.  1) I’ve been nursing for almost a year 2) My baby girl STILL has yet to sleep through the night 3) I want to stop both of those things, but have no idea where to begin 4) I want EVERYTHING for FALL 5) I know why Zara’s CEO is going to take the cake past Amazon / Bill Gates – there FALL lineup is amaze 6) Pumpkin spice lattes are back even though I’m not ready for winter, I love FALL 7) If you had to choose 1 season which would it be? 8) Is leopard going to be in or out? 9) Is it cute to match / coordinate with your babes or not? 9) Who’s ready for football?  10) I’ll have quite a bit of fantasy discussion on this blog come next weekend.

Now, what do you want to hear more about?

Cheers, Champagne in the Suburbs


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